Soberly looks

  • Foundation of the RDM Systeme AG on 15.12.1995 and takeover
    of all rights for KMS Quattro of the Reichle + De Massari AG (R&M).
  • The share capital amounts to 110'000 CHF
  • Owners:
    - Thomas Honegger
    - Cristina Honegger
    - Teddy Graf
  • Mangement:
    - Thomas Honegger
  • Developing partner: Ergon Informatik AG
  • Representation in Germany: Nadis GmbH

Our beginning, our purposes

We want to develop quite simply innovative software solutions qualitatively of high standing which make easier the management of (building) wirings (telephony and EDP), from the installation up to the maintenance to you. Of course belong to this product also a whole row of services, so that we can support you in the solution of all tasks extensively and future-oriented.

Besides, we are no desk culprits, but - how you - from the field: In our products and services not only much nice theory, but also much successful practise is since in the management and in the maintenance of building wirings.

Thus the claims of our customers as well as a whole row of developments - small mark stones have us if you want so - to done what we are today:

Market leader with Hi final software in the area of the cable management. And we will risk everything to support our customers at home and abroad also in future after forces.

Our purposes might also be your purposes, above all, in view of the economic quickness and flexibility as well as on your enterprise freedom:
  • Economic cable management
  • Integration to network management systems (SNMP)
  • Creation of interfaces to other organisation systems
  • The light serve of the communication components
  • Support of the user management
  • Economic cable management. Integration to network management systems (SNMP)