Here you find out everything about the advancement from KMS Quattro

  • Now at the KMS objects of QR code is displayed in KMSweb and can be printed directly on a label printer. These can then on the components (e.g. Servers, switches, etc.) are mounted on site (RZ).

    Using a hand-held scanner, these components can be read on site and are using the Scan Agent and the base station (which is installed on your PC) in KMS-WEB directly graphically displayed with all its attributes.

    If an interface is a CMDB, changes between the KMS
    Quattro application and the CMDB are graphically highlighted in KMS-WEB.

    Also several QR codes can be generated in the KMS
    Quattro application e.g. per site and predefined components.

  • Our customers are increasingly implementing an interface (WEB interface) to RZMDB's to match data from the KMS Quattro. The data can be generated and stored as a CSV file via any Internet browser.

  • In KMS Quattro the distributor (19" cabinets and VS83 distributor) from can be displayed graphically. Now also patching the KMS-WEB can now be created.

  • Our customers are increasingly implementing an interface (WEB interface) to RZMDB's to match data from the KMS Quattro. The data can be generated and stored as a CSV file via any internet browser.

  • Immediately all switch patching in KMS Quattro can be generated automatically. If the switch port's the opposite side can be defined in the external name. KMS Quattro read via SNMP query this information and automatically creates all patching in KMS Quattro. The information is detailed in a report issued.

  • The more and more often used IP telephony can be imported anew in KMS Quattro accordingly. That is automatically new IP phones are provided in KMS Quattro (are not bottled provided that quite available) and with the matching MAC address and the call No. The whole one is documented furthermore with a report.

  • In computer centres puttable outlet strips are used more and more often in stream rails with 19" to cupboards for the electricity supply of the active components. In KMS Quattro the outlet strips (according to phase) with in 19" will use anew cupboard, the single outlets with the load counter and the suitable stream rail automatically cabled.

  • All active components (switch, server, router etc.) become automatically bottled about the hostname by means of NSLOOKUP with the matching IP - address. The comparison is begun with a report and is documented.

  • More and more Internet browsers win in meaning to access also above suitable interfaces (Tomcat) generally directly applications.

  • With KMS web you have to access the possibility about an Internet browser (f.e. Internet Explorer or Firefox) the KMS Quattro application user and password-protected.

    Therefore the access to information from the KMS Quattro data bank is possible from everywhere and guaranteed.
  • KMS Quattro is new also under SuSE Linux> 7.3 as well as RedHat and topically also CentOS available.

  • IIn the topical release a new interface is available to the Aastra NeXspan 500 for the phone number comparison and personal comparison.

    Other interfaces to Siemens Hicom, HiPath and Ericsson MD110 already exist.

  • Another feature is the component exchange. In the steady change of the active network components these are often substituted. KMS Quattro takes over the already existing patches old in the new active components, without laborious move patches.

  • KMS Quattro version 4.0 is available from now on, among the rest, the newly following Feature's are available:

    • Enlarged functions SNMP (question and configure) of the used active components on the network.
    • Enlarged user management (individual access rights of the used objects KMS)
    • Management of the climate achievement BTUs in 19" cupboards

    • Management of the stream achievement of power Supply's in 19" cupboards

  • Interface KMS Quattro - Ky2help
    Master data management of the used hardware in the IT service.
    (Data are exchanged about a clear gateway and web server)

    - Inventory-No.
    - Standard-No.
    - Platformname
    - Manufacturer
    - Type
    - Location
    - etc

We will inform you constantly about the news of KMS Quattro.