An Overview of our Product

The sccenario

Communication in business is increasingly gaining in importance as a strategie factor in competition. Constant changes in technology and the thereby accompaying extension and reorganisation of communication infrastructure is a challenge for the business. Full cable channels, dead lines, insufficient documentation are signs that these sources are badly utilised.

  • Only the network person responsible overloaded as a rule controls the whole?
  • The consequences are high costs, expensive fault tracing, and, over and above everything else, reduced productivity.

KMS Quattro is a management communication system which supports the permanent documentation and administration of communication networks. KMS Quattro is a dialogue-orientated program system with graphic user interface for managing any cabling in computer processing and in the fields of signalling and telecommunication.

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With KMS Quattro, the relevant communication infrastructure control processes can be automated and completely integrated in the structuring of operations of the appropriate technical offices.

 The solution

With the KMS Quattro version 3.5 a significant contribution to the lowering of the total expenses (TCO was able: Totally Cost of Ownership) in the area of Cable management are reached. The relevant data can be worked on by the logical removal of the functional extent of KMS Quattro, easier, be planned and be administered.

The newest version 4.2 of the application disposes of an interactive interface (Tomcat server) to active networkcomponents. Further it was continuously developed under inclusion of our customers KMS and was improved. Load here the product image from KMS Quattro down: