Analysis is included in our consultation: What is your current situation and what do you want to do? Which difficulties can arise? Which possibilities do you have? Which solutions are the best value for money in the short and long term? Which software can you use to optimally support your plans?



KMS Quattro is a communication management - system which supports the permanent documentation and administration of communication nets, The relevant management processes of the communication infrastructure can be automated with KMS Quattro and be integrated whole-like into the structuring of operations of the responsible professional places.

KMS Quattro becomes for the desired customer solution in an aid a tool - mix integrated. In which application which data are maintained, arises from the expiry organisation of the customer. The KMS Quattro solution package is introduced to the customers as a rule gradually:


1. Step: Application analysis

  • Compile to a check list;
  • Realisation of interviews at the responsible organisations;
  • Coarse formulation of the user wishes;
  • Screening IS this - state;
  • Realistic costs / use consideration from the point of the customer;
  • Organisation analysis for the customer;
  • Vorausichtlicher expenditure for the service shares

After end of the analysis and the realisation proposal, we are to be presented in the situation to you a detailed offer. In this offer you receive the following information:

2. Step: Offer

  • Tailoringkonzept (What is to be done...);
  • Cost roof for service;
  • Detailed offer (SW, HW, DL);
  • Check lists with amount scaffolding T+T incl. cable + splice plan;

3. Step: Decision of the customer STOP / GO

  • Cost realisation offer (duration);
  • Project or introduction plan;
  • >>> application of existing applications
    >>> migration of existing data and application
    >>> integration in the enterprise structure



They make themselves dependent by the purchase of our products not from us.

By specific training of certain employees we move you into the situation to carry out all future new configurations inhouse. With this training it is not only about BASIC. Questions are also cleared like the following:

  • How is the competence distributed?
  • What does have which priority?
  • How you can already allot beforehand pipelines and final devices and thus any bottlenecks prematurely recognise?


For big enterprises, but also for KMUs we offer various forms of the Outsourcing. Started with the Helpdesk (on-line or Tel. hotline) up to the complete paging of the servicing (also on-line) of your cable system. We offer these services individually conformistly on the respective customer situation.

The data takeover occurs on grounds of an analysis of the available data. In the following provide of the auxiliary programmes and discussion of the results. The quality of the data takeover can be improved by filter, relations and Mapping tables. These works can be carried out only with the KNOW-HOW of the customers employee. With the DELTA in information of the customer, we are able from experience with customer data of the same scales we can give you a cost estimate after an exact examination of the whole project and take over the first capture of the network data.

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