What services does KMS Quattro offer you?

  • Client-orientated administration and the operation of different large network environments.
  • Physical depiction of different network topologies (bus, ring, star and tree cabling).
  • Comprehensive administration of passive and active network nodes (components), transmission media (Cu and FO cable), telecom and EDP end devices, organisation and geographical structure and personal directories.
  • Component article template e.g. R&M distributor systems, components, etc.
  • Help in configuration of network objects: T+T distributors, Lan distributor switchboards, TVAs.
  • Installation of new network objects: The new objects to be installed can be installed by the system corresponding to the rules (article attribute).
  • Optimum operation of the communications networks: The detailed knowledge on the contact level of all installed network objects enables better utilisation of capacity and optimum operation.
  • No mountains of papers or forms thanks to the system-guided planning and the processing of orders, constantly tracked documentation and current routing file.
  • The information you want about the current condition of the network installation is available on a mouse click: Display of routes over the entire network.
  • Automatic determination of the optimal routes.
  • Shortened administration time thanks to software-supported repair of faults.
  • Password-protected user access to the KMS databases.

  • Labelling concept: Automatic support of redundant component labels.

  • All objects can be planned in the order management with the planning for appointments, thereby this becomes
    System to a real administrative instrument of the network resources.

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