• First KMS application for telephone cabling is developed. A multi-user system on DEC VMS.
  • The telephone distributor card KMS Uno is launched onto the market in PC format as a single-user solution.


  • KMS Due, a documentation system for EDP cabling in 19" technology, is developed. This single- and multi-user system with relational database (Gupta) can be run on DOS with Windows 3.1 and has, even at this point, a graphical surface.


  • With KMS Quattro, a management system for heterogeneous communication networks is developed. This is a client server application with the relational database Sybase, with UNIX as operating system and the operating interface Motif/X11.


  • The department KMS is hived off from Reichle+De-Massari AG. The new company RDM Systeme AG is founded, the department KMS and the development department are integrated.

The RDM Systeme AG is pleased that the product cable management system has grown now to the steadily rising demands and can assert itself. As important is the cooperation with the existing clientele which uses the product and pursues. Since only so it is to be crystallised to us possibly the required functionalities and to implement in the new versions.

In the following the most important modules in narrow cooperation with customers were implemented:

  • SNMP
    • Interactive interface SNMP to active network-components. New same ones to itself the ports of KMS Quattro about a Tomcat server from, it are exchanged the following information:
      • VLAN (ID and name)
      • Speed
      • Duplexstatus
      • Port status
      • State and port remark
  • Enlarged user management
    • KMS Quattro users can be assigned in a main group and several additional groups. The following possibilities are available for the data access of the groups:
      • Everything
      • Patch and final devices
      • Only patchen
      • Only reading
  • Thermal and electric achievement
    • Anew the thermal achievement of 19" server cupboards in KMS Quattro is supervised. With start of new objects (server, Switch, Router etc.) checks KMS Quattro the still available thermal achievement. Only objects can be inserted up to the reaching of the maximum thermal achievement of 19" of server cupboard. With cross of the value, KMS Quattro automatically suggests other 19" the cupboards in which achievement enough thermal still exists.
    • Further the electric achievement of the USV connections is also checked. With connect the net plug checked KMS Quattro the still available electric achievement and lets to the KMS Quattro users only up to a defined treshold value connect. This treshold value is given in percent.

  • Component exchange
    • Another feature is the component exchange. In the steady change of the active network components these are often substituted. KMS Quattro takes over the already existing patches old in the new active components, without laborious move patches.
    • By means of a customary web browser f.e. Firefox the users can access to occurred Login the available KMS Quattro data. The following views of devices, distributor, signals and unities GEO are available to the users. In the view of distributors the user can select the distributor desired by him. Now KMS Quattro indicates the distributor construction and the detailed data in the browser. Well-chosen fields can be simply adapted thus by the detailed view any time.

      On the selected data the user can select all available report. The ready report can open by means of with Adobe Reader or file store locally are processed. With it are available to the KMS Quattro users any time and everywhere topical report and evaluations.

More milestones are to come......